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What is Memento?

Memento is a snapshot of your memory that you can relive, again and again.

We turn everyone into a photographer, and then using sophisticated state-of-the-art machine intelligence, we put together an awesome, reconstruction of your favourite moments that can be shared and replayed forever.

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Our Team

Our team is a unique combination of technology and art; logic and creativity. Mike has over 15 years of experience in developing the innovative tech solutions and programming. Olga has over 5 years of experience in arts and events management as well as producing of the events. Together, we plan to change the way we perceive image capturing to move ys faster in the era of endless possibilities.


Mike's the best.

Michael Truong, PhD


No, I'm the best!

Olga Kravchenko, MA


Standing at the fore-front of technology, we empower customers to re-experience their special day in the most vivid, evocative way possible by offering a diverse range of packages.



This package is perfect for a small wedding (up to 50 guests) offering an exciting VR capture of your ceremony or reception. A great extra feature to create a memorable VR souvenir to relive your happiest moment again and again.



This package will be perfect if you want to capture every single moment of your special day (up to 150 guest) from the very beginning until the very end. We will also create an exciting VR video of your vows and your first dance so you can be instantly transported back to your special day.



This package is a bespoke solution that includes everything mentioned above a professional photographer on the day, up to 150 customized headsets for you and your guests and professional VR headset to enjoy your VR Memento at its best.

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